Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tumbling Creek Rumble X Gainesville, Ga

Made it home safe from our weekend trip to Gainesville, Ga. The
Ride up was trecherous. Pouring Rain and Major Traffic thru
ATL at rush hour. We stayed at the Country
Inn & Suites
near the Mall of Georgia. They had an
indoor pool but we forgot to bring bathing suites. We spent
most of the trip exploring the Mall Of Georgia. It was not as big as I had expected but large none the less.
I got up Early Saturday morning and headed out to Pre-Ride the Gainsville College Course. I stopped off at Jittery Joe's for coffee on the way. I ended up just hanging out there for an hour as I could tell it was too damp to ride since the highway was still wet and it was still drizzleing.
I had a Medium roast cup, black to start out with then had
a double mocha before I left. Fine cup of coffee it was! They
had their new Jittery Joe's Jerseys in stock but not one my size. I
just ended up buying a Cup and a Can of Whole Bean Sumatran.
Traffic in ATL was the worst I have experienced in all my 18 year's of driving up there. Saturday night we fought through the
traffic and made it to Dave and Busters. We had a great time and the food was above my expectations. This was the first time I have played video
games in many years.
Sunday was a beautiful day for a race. We got there in time to set up a spot for Jill and Cassidy to watch. There were not too many Central georgia folks there this year. I did speak to
Renee and Beth who were there racing. I did not take time to warm
up like I should have. It was a fast start. I was quickly
in last place. I rode fast and as hard as could. I was determined
not to stop for the whole 3 laps, and didn't! I just got over
to the right when people wanted to pass. I had the next to
last place guy in my class in my sights for most of the first
two laps but then lost sight of him starting the Third lap.
I was determined to catch up and pass him so I would not come
in last. I struggled through the muddy sections bogging down
but put the hammer down on the flat twistiy sections. I finally
caught him at about the last mile of the race. He looked back
and saw me catching up and started sprinting. I sprinted too
and caught up to his back wheel but just could not pass. I
gassed the last 100 yards and he beat me by about thirty seconds.
This was A LOT of fun. I actually felt like I was racing for
a change. Trying to beat him was like trying to come in First
Place. It was a Blast!

My Race START!
 1 hr 40 min

Sunday, September 10, 2006

4 Hours of Pig Macon Georgia 2006

Great Race today out at the pig trail. There were not as many
racers as I had anticipated. I'm guessing only about 50 all
together. My Brother Tom, his wife, My sister and niece all came along to root
me on. I was feeling good before the race and was only hoping
to complete 4 laps. I started out slow and seemed to gradually
get faster as the day went on. I climbed the hardest climb
every time (Chandler's Challenge). My preperation for the
day was like this: I started the day off with some fine columbian
coffee, eight o'clock brand
. I had a Clif Bar on the way to the Race. Drank some High quality H2O before the start. Half Way through each lap I ate a Power
Bar Gu Packet
. After two laps I drank a Water bottle full
of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem. Before my last lap I ate a Gu with
Caffine in it and took off my Camel Bak and rode with a water
bottle. Taking off that extra weight really made a difference.
I could peddle much easier. I was very happy with my Finish.
I got lapped by several people. A really fun event. Nathan
and I had a wager on this race as well. If He beat
me he could take the Tie Off at work. Well even though he
got off to a Fast start Looks Like He will STILL be wearing
a Tie to work. Chris H. offered to make a friendly wager before the Race but
I knew better than to Bet him. I probably weigh 100 lbs more
than he does. He ended up Lapping me on my last lap.
I asked Charles if he would give a CycloCross class out at Thomson before the Season begins. I hope he does
because I have never raced Cross and am planning on trying
out a couple of races this year.
4 Hrs of Pig Trail, 5 laps, 35 mi, 9.2 avg mph

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pig Trail GSC Race Macon, GA

 Yesterday was the Last Race of the Georgia
State Mountain bike Championships
. I competed in and
finished 5 of the 8 races. This last race of the series
held at the Georgia Industrial Children's Home on Mumford
Road in Macon. It was a good turnout of racers for an extremely
fast Big Ring Course. I finished 21st of 25 in Sport Master Men 30-39. I new
going in that I would come in near last place.
the start I tried to stay with the pack as long as I could.
I kept them in sight for most of the first lap and then
had to slow down or I would have blown up. I tried to stay
out of the way of other classes catching me. I think I cut
off Go
Fast Pops
on a fast right hand corner. On the Fast Double
Track with sharp sandy corners before it skirts the top
of Chandler's Challenge. It was totally unintentional and
if your reading sorry bout that Don! He flew past me like
I was coasting and he was on a single speed! I stopped on
my second lap to help a guy with a broken chain. I offered
to fix it for him but he said he could figure it out so
                      AWSOME photo by Shane W.I left my Park
Chain Tool
with him and took off. Come to find out he
was in my class. I didn't even think about it when I stopped
to help. After the race he returned my Chain Tool and that's
when I realized we were racing against each other. NORBA
rules state that you cannot get help from any one on the
course or you will be disqualified. I don't think he would
have placed so It really didn't matter, I just wanted to
help him at least finish. I did help a dude with his chain
last year at the Dauset
GAP race
and he was in the points running. After the
race he asked me not to tell anyone. I agreed and told him
he's the one that has to deal with knowing he cheated. Any
way Back to the Race. I really felt good and I thought I
was going fast but I only beat one guy. The other three
were DNF's. I did not get passed by as many girls this race
though. I tried to ride up the right side of Chandler's
Challenge my first two laps but couldn't make it passed
the roots at the top. My last lap I made it up the left
side. I had plenty of water in my Camel Bak and was eating
a PowerBar
packet at the end of my first and second laps. I
was proud of myself for finishing the 21 mile race at such
a fast pace.
The Highlight of the day was my Daughter doing the Kids Race.
She has been talking about doing one all season but never
was really serious about it and I don't want to pressure
her about riding. Since she has ridden out at the Pig Trail
with me a couple of times she said she really wanted to
this time so I signed her up. She was racing in the 9-11
year old class. It was a nice loop up the grassy hill then
down through the planted pines. She had to do two laps.
She was one of only two girls in her class. She came in
last but she felt like she won because of everyone cheering
her on and calling her by name. She really enjoyed it. She
wore her SORBA shirt and Medal to School today. She is allready
asking when the next race is.
Race #8:
Pig Trail, 21st of 25, 21 mi, 2 hrs 14 min,
9.3 avg mph

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ocmulgee Adventure Race Macon, GA

the Ocmulgee
Adventure Race is Over for this Year.The trip started out well, I arrive to pick my Bro up right on time Friday at 4:00. We had A canoe on top, Two Bikes
on a rack in back and the rear of My Old station wagon packed
with gear. Off to Lake Juliette we went. As we rode down
the gravel/dirt road to Holly Grove to drop off our Bikes
I had a Flat at some point but just kept going until we
reached the pavement to stop and change it. We checked our
Bikes in and changed the flat in no time. Then Off to Dames
Ferry to check in the Canoe and the rest of Our Gear. The
Gear check was a Joke! We had all kinds of stuff we thought
we had to have packed. Flares, medical kit, water purification,
Cell Phone, Dry Bag. The only thing they checked for was
Head lamp, water, and extra batteries. I Duct taped a Red
to the bottom of My boogie board before I checked
it in with Jeff D. I knew I would be needing it by the time
the river swim came around.
After checking everything in we opted to head back to Macon to
eat at Chic Fil-A. We were back in time for the Raffle.
I won a jug of Hammer
and a Bike Tech water bottle. The time finally
came for us to get our maps. 11:30 pm, I held the light
wile my bro plotted the first few check points (CP's). The
first one was easy, I have been fishing that lake for years
and new exactly where it was. Well at 12:00 am they started
us off to the "prolog". It was a swim across the
Cove to get a password required to get your Canoe and go.
I volunteered to do the swim since my brother was doing
the plotting. There was a short 1/4 mile run to the cove,
I tried to walk across, but it did get over my head in the
middle so I side stroked it thru the sea weed in the warm
water. I have only been doing Pool swimming this summer
so I felt pretty good and was actually passing people there
and back. I didn't feel to great about starting off the
Race with wet shoes and socks, Suprisingly I didn't get
any blisters. After providing the Marshal with the Password
off in the Canoe we went to the first check point. This
was not hard to find there musta been 40 to 50 boats heading
to the same point. Some with three people paddling and some
just single man kyaks. There was a fierce head wind that
was reaking havoc on all the lighter craft making them zig
zag left to right. Our Heavy "Pickle" Canoe just
plowed thru and held straight. Tom ran "Up" the
climb to claim our first check point then off we went to
the next. We were diggin deep with our paddles and keeping
up with the crowd. The next check point was deep within
a cove and most folks were paddleing into it. We decided
to run aground way out at a point that showed a trail leading
about 1 mile inland to the check points. We thought we could
move faster that way. We ran down the fairly clear trail
until we reached the high way then followed it tward the
check points. We must have been in some ones yard cause
we herd some one yell "what yall doin?" Well that
startled Tom and I and we got out of there fast before they
started shootin. Some how in all that excitment Tom dropped
our Punch Card. We spent about 30 minutes looking for it.
Some one finnally found it and yellled out who's looking
for a punch card and we ran to him thanking him and offering
Goo packets and Power bars as a reward. Back on track now
we ran down the road and finnally found check point 2. We
High Fived and were like "this is gonna be cake".
Then we ran all over for about anouther hour looking for
Check point 3. We finally gave up and realized we were spending
WAY to much time and energy on this check point and should
have skipped it. By the time we made it back to our Canoe
there were no other craft in site. They all had either got
the CP's and gone or decided not to waste the time searching
as we did. Well this was a lesson learned the hard way on
our first Adventure Race. We decided to skip the 4th check
point and head straight for 5 witch was the start of the
Biking Leg. We reached the Holly Grove boat ramp right at
5:00 am. Yep we had spent close to 5 hours on that lake.
My Bro was really struggling by now, Not feeling good and
probably dehydrated. I had been drinking and eating goo's
the Whole way. I was feeling good. After resting for a wile
and eating a MET
RX Bar
we hopped on the bikes and were off to the Canoe
lauch in Town of Juliette, The site of the River Swim. My
brother's Wal-Mart bike isn't all that easy to ride. He
was having to stop and push it on the inclined gravel road
leading out of Holly Grove. I knew we had a long way to
go so we swapped bikes and he had a little easier time Riding
the HARO. After gettin there and getting that check point we were
suppose to go on riding to the wildlife management area
for more hike a bike check points. We dicided to just skip
all that and wait for the River swim at 6:30. The River
swim put FU in FUN! I enjoyed it and was actually rejuvenated,
"or mabey that was just the Red Bull Talkin to a Brotha".
The river swim was good for 4 CP's. One when you started,
One you had to find along the way then One when you exited
the River and one when you returned by foot to the in town
Juliette canoe launch. You had to get all 4 for them to
count. We found the one along the way after a little help
then off down the river we went, mostly shallow rocky sections
but also deep wide slow flowing sections. The water was
fairly clear. Not like the mud you see flowing thru Macon.
So any way we had the exit in site. THEN my brother decides
he is no longer having fun and exits stage left up to the
road and proceeds to walk down to the exit. I continue on
and get our punch card punched. The Marshall says she has
to see him swim up and exit the River for this to count.
My brother walks up and says "well I guess this just
won't count".
didn't get any points for the river swim but I had a good
time. We had planned to try to make it back to the Canoes
in time to paddle back to the finish and scoop up those
final 2 CP's but by the time we got back from the river
swim it was just Too much for us to even think about paddling
back. We packed up and rode our bikes back to the finish
and got there at about 10:30am. We did finish! The results
are not posted yet but I know we did not come in last. There
were some teams that did not make the 12:00 finish cut off
and were disqualified. I'm sore, Tired, Scratched up, and
my arms are chaffed from my life Jaket rubbing as I paddled.
We did good and had a great time, Learned ALOT about Adventure
Racing. I'm proud of my brother for sticking with it. I
know he was Felling sick most of the way.

Last Years Photo's Taken By My Bro and Me photo SET 1

Sunday, June 18, 2006

GSC MTB Race Helen, GA

A Beautiful Weekend for a Mountain Bike Race at the Unicoi State Park Trail and Vacation to Helen, GA. We made the Mistake of leavin last Thursday just in time to hit Peak Rush Hour in Atlanta. It was a Parking lot on 285 and up through 85 almost to 985. We kept our spirits high and stopped off in Gainsville for supper at Sonny's Bar-B-Q. We got to the Country Suites and Inn at night fall. Small mix up with the rooms. Jill went to open the room and people were in there allready. The reception had given out the same keys by mistake. We had a great room with two double beds, a seperate living area with fold out couch, two TVs, microwave, fridge, and Coffee Maker. Jill rested while I took my daughter to the indoor pool for a couple hours of splashing. We jacked the A/C down in the room to sub-zero and slept good. We were stoked cause they had our favorite TV channel Boomerang! It stayed on the entire 3 nites we were there.

Friday I got up at the @ss Crack of dawn to go Pre-Ride the Unicoi Trail. A beautiful peaceful morning. I had the whole Unicoi trail to myself besides a few wild turkeys I startled. I did a lap then swung back by the hotel in Helen, Ga for Coffee and a bananna at the Continental Breakfast. Then went out for a second lap. I had a great ride, taking note of all the twist turns ups and downs of the course. After my ride I showered up and we headed out for lunch in Helen. We ate at the Trolls Tavern overlooking the Chatahoochee River. We walked around Helen, GA and did the shopping thing. Later that afternoon my Sister and Family, Brother with Wife came up. They were camping at Jenny's Creek Campground near Helen, georgia. We met up at Anna Ruby Falls. We all hiked up to the Falls together. Jill Cassidy and I ate supper at Farmer's Market Cafe in Helen before ending the night splashing away at the pool.

Saturday I rose with the sun again to do a single pre-ride lap or the Unicoi Trail Race. I was wore out from the day before and wanted to take it easy since it was the day before the Race. Well that wasn't going to happen. After riding then pigging out at the continental Breakfast we met up with my family again to "Shoot Das Hooch" which is German for "Float down the Chatahoochee river on a Tube". We signed up for the Combo Package of Tubing and Water Park at Helen Water Park. Needless to say after all that I was Broke Up Sore. Not the way I wanted to be the night before the Race. We ate the Sorba Spagettii Dinner at the festhall that night and I registered for the race. Afterwards we strolled down mainstreet to all the shops to pick up gifts for the pitiful folks back home who could not make the trip with us. We spent a small fortune on confection at Hansel and Gretels Candy Kitchen Helen, georgia. We got a few "pounds" of their famous Fudge and Jill got her Favorite Milk Chocolate Caramels.

Sunday my whole family showed up to root me on. It was Father's day and My daughter was there to give me good luck, and I needed it. I was feeling strong at the start even though I was sore from the day before on the river. Then things went way wrong on the second down hill. I tapped the brake around a fast corner, I was intimidated by a large stump. My back tire broke loose and came around slamming into it and sent me Sailing SuperMan style about 10 feet. I got up dusted off untangled my chain and by that time even the old fart class behind me had passed. I trudged on with my back tire scrubbing the frame from a broken spoke. I was content with last place and just wanted to finish. Little past half way of the First lap Renee (SORBA-OMBA PREZ) caught up to me. I thought I would at least try to stay with her for a while. I drafted her through the grassy fields and managed to hang on up the last soft dirt climb. To my surprise, One of My class was just ahead. I was just about to slow and let Renee go on when I saw him. Well that fueled the fire and I stayed right on her back tire, Past Him and through the end of the first lap. Renee dropped me on the climb out of the start finish. I kept up a good pace the second lap and caught another of my class but could not muster up enough strength to pass him.

After the Race Jill and Cassidy had an Ice cold Gatorade waiting for me and I really needed it. We checked out and Headed for home. I stopped at the last exit on 985 before 85 in Buford to get gas and there was a Jittery Joes but I didn't stop I opted for a Chocolate milk from the QT store. I did make a mental note of where it is for the next time I head up that way. Like in October for the Gainsville College Race, Tumbling Creek Rumble.

crosscountry mountain bike race

Monday, May 8, 2006

2006 GSC Race at Dauset (Mudfest)

Yesterday was the Georgia State Championship Race #2 at Dauset Trails in Jackson, GA. I've been riding up there every weekend for the past month
trying to get in shape and aquatinted with the trails. Very
nice trails up there when there dry. Lots of Roots, red clay,
and Rocks.
GSC # 2 turned out to be more than What I had planned for. All
that pre-Riding was for not as the Rain came down at the start
of the Yellow Wave. I got a good start and was up in the front
as we entered the single track of bootlegger. I had opted
to start on the left side cause I new that would be the outside
for the first corner and the inside would crowd up. My wide
down hill handle bars aren't good for being bunched up among
podium hungry, hard core cross country freaks. The rain only
got harder during the first 12 mile lap. I was just trying
to stay up right for most of the race and never did take a
fall though I did come close a couple of times. I had seen
plenty of blood dripping off the beginners as they came in
and just wanted to be safe. The first lap was a wet soupy
type mud and I was gripping pretty good through corners and
my Maxxis Minions 2.5 where not clogging up. I was sliding around
some corners but stayed on the gas and powered through. It
was alot of fun pushing through the corners where the skinny
tire guys were sliding out. Coming out of the first lap my
brother was standing there waiting for me with a powerade
and Honey Stinger Gel packet. I stopped for a few minutes
and just laughed and joked with him as I drank and slurped
the goo.The second lap started drying out some and the mud
was like peanut butter. My tires and whole bike were getting
caked. My 40lb Haro now weighed about 80lbs. There were people
all along the course with Mechanicals, mostly chain breaks.
My drive train was all mucked up and hard to shift gears,
So I decided to get in a mid range gear and stay there as
much as possible. I wanted to shift gears as little times
as I could. I just wanted to finish at this point. I never
had a problem with breaks, My Hayes Nine Hydralic Disc breaks worked like a champ. Though I'm sure they are much more worn than before.The expert Guys
started lapping me at the beginning of the second lap. There
were a few tough guys passing "aggressively" but
most were curtious and warned me of their advance.

My bike took a beating. It was in Perfect shape before the race.
It looked great for having over 1,000 miles on it. I had just
bought and mounted a new water bottle cage. The water bottle
kept slipping through the cage and the bottom of the bottle
would rest against my seat tube. I did not realize it during
the race but all that bumping and bouncing the Bottle wore
off the paint on my seat tube about as big around as a quarter.
I'm going to have to kover it up with a sticker now. My new
water bottle and cage look like someone took some sand paper
to them. I don't think I will race or ride again in the MUD,
Its just too much wear and tear on my Bike. I was pleased
with my race and had a good time. Enjoyed having my bro there
to help root me on.

mi, 168.03 min, 7.5 avg mph

Dauset trails Nature Center Jackson, GA.

Sunday, April 2, 2006


Great day of Racing! The First Race of the Georgia
State Mountain Bike Championships
. Held at East Macon
Park, put on by the Macon, Georgia Chapter of SORBA, OMBA (Ocmulgee
Mountain Bike Association
Even though I volunteered for duties on race day I received the e-mail from our OMBA prez without an Assignment. To my suprise
when I arrived an hour before my race I found out they were
short handed. You Wouldn't have noticed.... the race was a
complete success. I heard many many compliments from all over.
was pre-registered so I got a cool Swag Bag. It had a nice
Glass with the SORBA and OMBA logos on it, A Gatorade Lanyard,
A pack of "Honey Chocolate" Goo, and a cool Maxxis
Sticker (my tires of choice).
I was #698 and finished 32nd out of 36 racers in the Sport Master Men 30-39 class. I was totally stoked that I Smoked 4 of those
"spandex wearin, clipless pedal pushin, aluminum can-ondale
ride'n, nuckle draggin, camelback sucka's!" All that
training to just not come in last place paid off.
started out at the front of the pack through the BMX course
and around the back of the ball fields. Once we reached the
Nasty climb we were all bunched up and I was bangin the rear
tire of dude in front of me as we were going up but he just
wasn't carrying enough speed and I had to get off and push.
I got over to the side and almost the rest of the pack passed.
I pushed it the rest of the way trying to keep up. The dust
from the trail as we were all together looked like fog and
was in every breath. It cleared up as the pack spread out.
I was ready for a drink once we reached the feed/water zone
at mile 2.5. Jill was there ready to hand me the water bottle,
good thing cause I had told her I probably wouldn't need a
drink on the first lap. (I wasn't carring any water). I should
have drank more high quality H20. I made it up the nasty climb
on my second lap around and was feeling pretty good. By my
third lap I was worried I was de-hydrating. I was feeling
week and well SPENT. After crossing the finish line. I devored
two oranges eating them like apples and downed a Powerade
. That took away the qweezy, woozy feeling I was
having. All in all I had a great FUN race. I was very supportive
of those passing me and polite to those few I passed.
East Macon Race, 3 laps, 16.6 mi, 115.8 min, 8.63
Avg MPH, 32nd of 36