Sunday, April 2, 2006


Great day of Racing! The First Race of the Georgia
State Mountain Bike Championships
. Held at East Macon
Park, put on by the Macon, Georgia Chapter of SORBA, OMBA (Ocmulgee
Mountain Bike Association
Even though I volunteered for duties on race day I received the e-mail from our OMBA prez without an Assignment. To my suprise
when I arrived an hour before my race I found out they were
short handed. You Wouldn't have noticed.... the race was a
complete success. I heard many many compliments from all over.
was pre-registered so I got a cool Swag Bag. It had a nice
Glass with the SORBA and OMBA logos on it, A Gatorade Lanyard,
A pack of "Honey Chocolate" Goo, and a cool Maxxis
Sticker (my tires of choice).
I was #698 and finished 32nd out of 36 racers in the Sport Master Men 30-39 class. I was totally stoked that I Smoked 4 of those
"spandex wearin, clipless pedal pushin, aluminum can-ondale
ride'n, nuckle draggin, camelback sucka's!" All that
training to just not come in last place paid off.
started out at the front of the pack through the BMX course
and around the back of the ball fields. Once we reached the
Nasty climb we were all bunched up and I was bangin the rear
tire of dude in front of me as we were going up but he just
wasn't carrying enough speed and I had to get off and push.
I got over to the side and almost the rest of the pack passed.
I pushed it the rest of the way trying to keep up. The dust
from the trail as we were all together looked like fog and
was in every breath. It cleared up as the pack spread out.
I was ready for a drink once we reached the feed/water zone
at mile 2.5. Jill was there ready to hand me the water bottle,
good thing cause I had told her I probably wouldn't need a
drink on the first lap. (I wasn't carring any water). I should
have drank more high quality H20. I made it up the nasty climb
on my second lap around and was feeling pretty good. By my
third lap I was worried I was de-hydrating. I was feeling
week and well SPENT. After crossing the finish line. I devored
two oranges eating them like apples and downed a Powerade
. That took away the qweezy, woozy feeling I was
having. All in all I had a great FUN race. I was very supportive
of those passing me and polite to those few I passed.
East Macon Race, 3 laps, 16.6 mi, 115.8 min, 8.63
Avg MPH, 32nd of 36