Monday, May 8, 2006

2006 GSC Race at Dauset (Mudfest)

Yesterday was the Georgia State Championship Race #2 at Dauset Trails in Jackson, GA. I've been riding up there every weekend for the past month
trying to get in shape and aquatinted with the trails. Very
nice trails up there when there dry. Lots of Roots, red clay,
and Rocks.
GSC # 2 turned out to be more than What I had planned for. All
that pre-Riding was for not as the Rain came down at the start
of the Yellow Wave. I got a good start and was up in the front
as we entered the single track of bootlegger. I had opted
to start on the left side cause I new that would be the outside
for the first corner and the inside would crowd up. My wide
down hill handle bars aren't good for being bunched up among
podium hungry, hard core cross country freaks. The rain only
got harder during the first 12 mile lap. I was just trying
to stay up right for most of the race and never did take a
fall though I did come close a couple of times. I had seen
plenty of blood dripping off the beginners as they came in
and just wanted to be safe. The first lap was a wet soupy
type mud and I was gripping pretty good through corners and
my Maxxis Minions 2.5 where not clogging up. I was sliding around
some corners but stayed on the gas and powered through. It
was alot of fun pushing through the corners where the skinny
tire guys were sliding out. Coming out of the first lap my
brother was standing there waiting for me with a powerade
and Honey Stinger Gel packet. I stopped for a few minutes
and just laughed and joked with him as I drank and slurped
the goo.The second lap started drying out some and the mud
was like peanut butter. My tires and whole bike were getting
caked. My 40lb Haro now weighed about 80lbs. There were people
all along the course with Mechanicals, mostly chain breaks.
My drive train was all mucked up and hard to shift gears,
So I decided to get in a mid range gear and stay there as
much as possible. I wanted to shift gears as little times
as I could. I just wanted to finish at this point. I never
had a problem with breaks, My Hayes Nine Hydralic Disc breaks worked like a champ. Though I'm sure they are much more worn than before.The expert Guys
started lapping me at the beginning of the second lap. There
were a few tough guys passing "aggressively" but
most were curtious and warned me of their advance.

My bike took a beating. It was in Perfect shape before the race.
It looked great for having over 1,000 miles on it. I had just
bought and mounted a new water bottle cage. The water bottle
kept slipping through the cage and the bottom of the bottle
would rest against my seat tube. I did not realize it during
the race but all that bumping and bouncing the Bottle wore
off the paint on my seat tube about as big around as a quarter.
I'm going to have to kover it up with a sticker now. My new
water bottle and cage look like someone took some sand paper
to them. I don't think I will race or ride again in the MUD,
Its just too much wear and tear on my Bike. I was pleased
with my race and had a good time. Enjoyed having my bro there
to help root me on.

mi, 168.03 min, 7.5 avg mph

Dauset trails Nature Center Jackson, GA.