Sunday, June 18, 2006

GSC MTB Race Helen, GA

A Beautiful Weekend for a Mountain Bike Race at the Unicoi State Park Trail and Vacation to Helen, GA. We made the Mistake of leavin last Thursday just in time to hit Peak Rush Hour in Atlanta. It was a Parking lot on 285 and up through 85 almost to 985. We kept our spirits high and stopped off in Gainsville for supper at Sonny's Bar-B-Q. We got to the Country Suites and Inn at night fall. Small mix up with the rooms. Jill went to open the room and people were in there allready. The reception had given out the same keys by mistake. We had a great room with two double beds, a seperate living area with fold out couch, two TVs, microwave, fridge, and Coffee Maker. Jill rested while I took my daughter to the indoor pool for a couple hours of splashing. We jacked the A/C down in the room to sub-zero and slept good. We were stoked cause they had our favorite TV channel Boomerang! It stayed on the entire 3 nites we were there.

Friday I got up at the @ss Crack of dawn to go Pre-Ride the Unicoi Trail. A beautiful peaceful morning. I had the whole Unicoi trail to myself besides a few wild turkeys I startled. I did a lap then swung back by the hotel in Helen, Ga for Coffee and a bananna at the Continental Breakfast. Then went out for a second lap. I had a great ride, taking note of all the twist turns ups and downs of the course. After my ride I showered up and we headed out for lunch in Helen. We ate at the Trolls Tavern overlooking the Chatahoochee River. We walked around Helen, GA and did the shopping thing. Later that afternoon my Sister and Family, Brother with Wife came up. They were camping at Jenny's Creek Campground near Helen, georgia. We met up at Anna Ruby Falls. We all hiked up to the Falls together. Jill Cassidy and I ate supper at Farmer's Market Cafe in Helen before ending the night splashing away at the pool.

Saturday I rose with the sun again to do a single pre-ride lap or the Unicoi Trail Race. I was wore out from the day before and wanted to take it easy since it was the day before the Race. Well that wasn't going to happen. After riding then pigging out at the continental Breakfast we met up with my family again to "Shoot Das Hooch" which is German for "Float down the Chatahoochee river on a Tube". We signed up for the Combo Package of Tubing and Water Park at Helen Water Park. Needless to say after all that I was Broke Up Sore. Not the way I wanted to be the night before the Race. We ate the Sorba Spagettii Dinner at the festhall that night and I registered for the race. Afterwards we strolled down mainstreet to all the shops to pick up gifts for the pitiful folks back home who could not make the trip with us. We spent a small fortune on confection at Hansel and Gretels Candy Kitchen Helen, georgia. We got a few "pounds" of their famous Fudge and Jill got her Favorite Milk Chocolate Caramels.

Sunday my whole family showed up to root me on. It was Father's day and My daughter was there to give me good luck, and I needed it. I was feeling strong at the start even though I was sore from the day before on the river. Then things went way wrong on the second down hill. I tapped the brake around a fast corner, I was intimidated by a large stump. My back tire broke loose and came around slamming into it and sent me Sailing SuperMan style about 10 feet. I got up dusted off untangled my chain and by that time even the old fart class behind me had passed. I trudged on with my back tire scrubbing the frame from a broken spoke. I was content with last place and just wanted to finish. Little past half way of the First lap Renee (SORBA-OMBA PREZ) caught up to me. I thought I would at least try to stay with her for a while. I drafted her through the grassy fields and managed to hang on up the last soft dirt climb. To my surprise, One of My class was just ahead. I was just about to slow and let Renee go on when I saw him. Well that fueled the fire and I stayed right on her back tire, Past Him and through the end of the first lap. Renee dropped me on the climb out of the start finish. I kept up a good pace the second lap and caught another of my class but could not muster up enough strength to pass him.

After the Race Jill and Cassidy had an Ice cold Gatorade waiting for me and I really needed it. We checked out and Headed for home. I stopped at the last exit on 985 before 85 in Buford to get gas and there was a Jittery Joes but I didn't stop I opted for a Chocolate milk from the QT store. I did make a mental note of where it is for the next time I head up that way. Like in October for the Gainsville College Race, Tumbling Creek Rumble.

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