Monday, August 28, 2006

Pig Trail GSC Race Macon, GA

 Yesterday was the Last Race of the Georgia
State Mountain bike Championships
. I competed in and
finished 5 of the 8 races. This last race of the series
held at the Georgia Industrial Children's Home on Mumford
Road in Macon. It was a good turnout of racers for an extremely
fast Big Ring Course. I finished 21st of 25 in Sport Master Men 30-39. I new
going in that I would come in near last place.
the start I tried to stay with the pack as long as I could.
I kept them in sight for most of the first lap and then
had to slow down or I would have blown up. I tried to stay
out of the way of other classes catching me. I think I cut
off Go
Fast Pops
on a fast right hand corner. On the Fast Double
Track with sharp sandy corners before it skirts the top
of Chandler's Challenge. It was totally unintentional and
if your reading sorry bout that Don! He flew past me like
I was coasting and he was on a single speed! I stopped on
my second lap to help a guy with a broken chain. I offered
to fix it for him but he said he could figure it out so
                      AWSOME photo by Shane W.I left my Park
Chain Tool
with him and took off. Come to find out he
was in my class. I didn't even think about it when I stopped
to help. After the race he returned my Chain Tool and that's
when I realized we were racing against each other. NORBA
rules state that you cannot get help from any one on the
course or you will be disqualified. I don't think he would
have placed so It really didn't matter, I just wanted to
help him at least finish. I did help a dude with his chain
last year at the Dauset
GAP race
and he was in the points running. After the
race he asked me not to tell anyone. I agreed and told him
he's the one that has to deal with knowing he cheated. Any
way Back to the Race. I really felt good and I thought I
was going fast but I only beat one guy. The other three
were DNF's. I did not get passed by as many girls this race
though. I tried to ride up the right side of Chandler's
Challenge my first two laps but couldn't make it passed
the roots at the top. My last lap I made it up the left
side. I had plenty of water in my Camel Bak and was eating
a PowerBar
packet at the end of my first and second laps. I
was proud of myself for finishing the 21 mile race at such
a fast pace.
The Highlight of the day was my Daughter doing the Kids Race.
She has been talking about doing one all season but never
was really serious about it and I don't want to pressure
her about riding. Since she has ridden out at the Pig Trail
with me a couple of times she said she really wanted to
this time so I signed her up. She was racing in the 9-11
year old class. It was a nice loop up the grassy hill then
down through the planted pines. She had to do two laps.
She was one of only two girls in her class. She came in
last but she felt like she won because of everyone cheering
her on and calling her by name. She really enjoyed it. She
wore her SORBA shirt and Medal to School today. She is allready
asking when the next race is.
Race #8:
Pig Trail, 21st of 25, 21 mi, 2 hrs 14 min,
9.3 avg mph