Sunday, September 10, 2006

4 Hours of Pig Macon Georgia 2006

Great Race today out at the pig trail. There were not as many
racers as I had anticipated. I'm guessing only about 50 all
together. My Brother Tom, his wife, My sister and niece all came along to root
me on. I was feeling good before the race and was only hoping
to complete 4 laps. I started out slow and seemed to gradually
get faster as the day went on. I climbed the hardest climb
every time (Chandler's Challenge). My preperation for the
day was like this: I started the day off with some fine columbian
coffee, eight o'clock brand
. I had a Clif Bar on the way to the Race. Drank some High quality H2O before the start. Half Way through each lap I ate a Power
Bar Gu Packet
. After two laps I drank a Water bottle full
of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem. Before my last lap I ate a Gu with
Caffine in it and took off my Camel Bak and rode with a water
bottle. Taking off that extra weight really made a difference.
I could peddle much easier. I was very happy with my Finish.
I got lapped by several people. A really fun event. Nathan
and I had a wager on this race as well. If He beat
me he could take the Tie Off at work. Well even though he
got off to a Fast start Looks Like He will STILL be wearing
a Tie to work. Chris H. offered to make a friendly wager before the Race but
I knew better than to Bet him. I probably weigh 100 lbs more
than he does. He ended up Lapping me on my last lap.
I asked Charles if he would give a CycloCross class out at Thomson before the Season begins. I hope he does
because I have never raced Cross and am planning on trying
out a couple of races this year.
4 Hrs of Pig Trail, 5 laps, 35 mi, 9.2 avg mph