Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tumbling Creek Rumble X Gainesville, Ga

Made it home safe from our weekend trip to Gainesville, Ga. The
Ride up was trecherous. Pouring Rain and Major Traffic thru
ATL at rush hour. We stayed at the Country
Inn & Suites
near the Mall of Georgia. They had an
indoor pool but we forgot to bring bathing suites. We spent
most of the trip exploring the Mall Of Georgia. It was not as big as I had expected but large none the less.
I got up Early Saturday morning and headed out to Pre-Ride the Gainsville College Course. I stopped off at Jittery Joe's for coffee on the way. I ended up just hanging out there for an hour as I could tell it was too damp to ride since the highway was still wet and it was still drizzleing.
I had a Medium roast cup, black to start out with then had
a double mocha before I left. Fine cup of coffee it was! They
had their new Jittery Joe's Jerseys in stock but not one my size. I
just ended up buying a Cup and a Can of Whole Bean Sumatran.
Traffic in ATL was the worst I have experienced in all my 18 year's of driving up there. Saturday night we fought through the
traffic and made it to Dave and Busters. We had a great time and the food was above my expectations. This was the first time I have played video
games in many years.
Sunday was a beautiful day for a race. We got there in time to set up a spot for Jill and Cassidy to watch. There were not too many Central georgia folks there this year. I did speak to
Renee and Beth who were there racing. I did not take time to warm
up like I should have. It was a fast start. I was quickly
in last place. I rode fast and as hard as could. I was determined
not to stop for the whole 3 laps, and didn't! I just got over
to the right when people wanted to pass. I had the next to
last place guy in my class in my sights for most of the first
two laps but then lost sight of him starting the Third lap.
I was determined to catch up and pass him so I would not come
in last. I struggled through the muddy sections bogging down
but put the hammer down on the flat twistiy sections. I finally
caught him at about the last mile of the race. He looked back
and saw me catching up and started sprinting. I sprinted too
and caught up to his back wheel but just could not pass. I
gassed the last 100 yards and he beat me by about thirty seconds.
This was A LOT of fun. I actually felt like I was racing for
a change. Trying to beat him was like trying to come in First
Place. It was a Blast!

My Race START!
 1 hr 40 min