Tuesday, September 25, 2007

12 Hours of Dauset

PRE-START of the 12 hours of Dauset Jackson, Georgia

Lemans START

I came in 30th of 38 12 Hour Solo, 6 laps

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

13 Hours of Santos 2007 OCALA, Florida

13 Hours of Santos 2007. Called off halfway due to a huge storm that came thru. I did 5 Laps, #232. No earphones allowed so I strapped on a radio, Could only pick up some 70's Station.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Helen / Unicoi Riding

Bride to bridge ride at Unicoi State Park in Helen, GA. Riding One Handed holding the camera.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

DogWood Festival 5K START Perry, GA 2007

GSC Race #1 2007 ArrowHead Park Lake Tobosofkee Macon, GA

The First race of the Georgia State MountainBike Championships was a huge success. The temperature was right around 32 degrees when folks started rolling into ArrowHead Park on Lake Tobosofkee. There were Cannondale Demo Bikes for people to ride, Concessions from Roly Poly Wraps, and New Toyota Tundra Trucks for people to ogle over from Butler Toyota.
Last Place Sprt Men 30-39Cassidy and I got an early start and ate at Cracker Barrell on Eisenhower Pkwy at 7:00 am. The parking lot was full of cars with bikes strapped on as we left. We got to ArrowHead Park in plenty of time for Cassidy to get acclamated to the cold. She had on Two pair of Sweat pants, Two Shirts, Thomson Beanie hat, Gloves and a Sweater. There were 6 Boys and Girls in her 9-11 Kids Race. They did three laps over to the Trail head and back starting in the Corrall below the Pavillion. Cassidy came in Third Place! She was soo proud and so was I. That makes Three Trophies in the past Three Weekends for her.
Since I have been doing my fair share of Trail work latley, I believed my Trail Karma is Peak. I decided to put my Race in the hands of the Trail Gods and race Bare. No, not that bare! I had weighed my Camel Bak the day before, full of water, pump, tubes, and tools. It tipped the scales at 25 Pounds! I decided I would only carry a water bottle in the Race and see if sheding those Pounds would help. Although I did cut my time cosiderably I don't think it really helped me. I am just SLOW, I was still the last finisher. I did run a personal best lap time for that course of 41 minutes. I really enjoyed the race, there were people cheering me on around every corner and at the top of all the hills. I had no mechanical problems and my bike rode flawlessly.
Photo Courtesy of Mark D (I forgot my Camera)

Rocky Road Ride, Camp Thunder Thomaston, GA

Thomson Factory Trail, Dirt Jumps, Macon, GA

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Peach Blossom Metric Century in Byron Georgia

the Peach Blossom Metric Century in Byron Georgia. I met some of the usual CGC members at Craker Barrell in Warner Robins before we headed over to the start. I was prepared for the hot day ahead. The weather Channel had predicted 87 degrees. There was a large turn out. I set out to best my time in the previous Biking Bleckley Metric Century. Got off to a bad start when my camera quit working right after the word GO. I really was pushing hard for the first half. I was keeping up with some people and was not all alone. I beleive that helped me keep a good pace. We traveled on some pretty major roads, I got blown off the road near Fort Valley on HWY 49. A huge semi-truck doing about 70 mph passed within two feet of me. At the halfway point in downtown Fortvalley I refuled by eating a protien bar and refilling my bottle of perpetuem. I felt strong and decided to pick up the pace after that. I had no cramping or pain. This route was much more hilly than I thought it would be. I would get in a tucked aerodynamic position on the down hills so I could carry as much speed as I could going up the other side. Around mile fifty I could see some fellas on the side of the road ahead. One was laid out on the grass. I rolled up and offered my cell phone. They said they were just cramping. The guy laying on the grass showed me a huge knot in his shaven quadracept (thigh). I took off my camel bak and grabbed some of my tried and true Power Bar Gel 4X sodium Gel Packs for him. He ate it and within a couple minutes said he was feeling better. I was glad to help them out. I would hate for them to have to quit being only about 12 miles out from the finish. I left them there to regroup and pedaled on. I could see them coming down the road behind me as I entered the Finish at the church in Byron. I was very pleased with my time. It feels good knowing I'm riding stronger. During the whole 63 mile ride I ate 10 gel packs and three water bottels of Pepetuem + a protien bar.
 PeachBlossom Metric, 62.8 mi, 4 hrs 43 min, 13.3 mph avg.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Biking Bleckley Bicycle century Cochran, GA

Today I got an Early Start meeting Some Folks at Cracker Barrell in Perry at 6am. We were gathering to cravan over to Cochran for Biking Bleckley. A recreational road ride put on by the Cochran-Bleckley Chamber of Commerce. I had a few things to do when I got to the Bleckley County court house for the start. By the Time I got registered and used the bathroom and got over to the start the Metric Group was leaving allready, before the 8:30am start time. I did not get any pictures of the mass start. I just hung on the back of Shane, Diana, and Ralph for about a mile before they dropped me. I didn't want to start out too fast and blow up. I new I had a LONG way to go. I stuck with my proven regamine of a Power Gel pack every 30 minutes and drinking Perpetum as well as sipping on Plain water. I was drinking too much cause I had to stop on the side of the road 3 times to relieve myself. Ok, I know TMI. The roads were clear and not any traffic. There were Police at most of the intersections during the first half of the ride. I just enjoyed the Scenery and tried to keep a good pace spinning in an easy gear. At half way I ate a PowerBar protien bar and a banana. I knew I needed somthing other than gel-packs and perpetuem. At the 50 mile cut off I noticed I was all alone. I did not see anyone after that. Finally a SAG truck pulled up beside me and said "You are the last one". Great, LAST as usual. I didn't let it bother me and just enjoyed the rest of my ride. I entered the "Twighlight Zone" at the last two rest stops. There were tables with water, cookies and stuff laying around but not a soul to be found, nobody. It was wierd. And by that time the wind was really gusting. I had to pedal down hill the wind was soo strong. I caught myself saying (outloud), "I love Wind", "Bring on the Wind", "Wind is my Middle name". I'm sure I was delirious. All in all a Great ride and good training for me.
CGC at Cracker BarrellBiking Bleckley : 65 miles, 6 hrs, 11.4 avg mph
In the Country

Sunday, January 28, 2007


ididaride 1-20-07 021

Weekend! Mark D and I left Perry at 12:00 noon on Friday bound for
Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs, Florida. We got
there in time to set up camp, register, and pre-ride the
first 7 miles of the IDIDARIDE. Shane, Diana, and Jessie were arriving as we got back. We hung
out at their campsite Friday night, Mark D provided a Spagetti Dinner. Chip, Bill, and Alina showed up later and set up camp at our site. I woke up Saturday morning at 5:30 am
to a Hissing sound. I felt my air matress slowly deflating. I guess that was my que to get up and get started! Got the coffee going before I went over to take a shower. The tempurature
was ~38 F. I was plesently suprised at the showering facilities
there. Clean, Roomy, and had a Heat Lamp over each shower!After several cups of Coffee and lubing up the chain It was time to roll down to the the Start. There was a Pancake and sausage breakfast provided. I rolled up a plain Pancake and stuffed it down before the masses convereged
on the Suwannee River trails. Had I known any better I would have put
a couple in my pocket for later. I had filled my water bottle
with Perpetuem and also had several Power Gel packs that were a life saver later in the ride when
my legs began to cramp. Before we reached the Halfway point I boosted my Trail Karma by fixing someone's broken chain who was about to walk out. He (Ted from Pensecola) ended up finishing before I did. At the Half way Stop there was lunch provided, I had some yummy
Chicken and Rice made with Saffron Rice. After refilling my Camel Bak and washing my face
I continued on. There were open, fire road, double track and tight Saw Palmetto lined single track. The pack was more spread out by now so I rode many miles by myself. I
finally made it to the last rest stop where there was Cheese, sausage, and Wine provided. I was not planning to stay long but ended up having to change a tube out for someone
before getting back out on the trail. I'm glad I brought all my tools and three extra tubes. I even handed out 6 of the 10 gel packs I had brought with me to various people
cramping along the way. I was feeling ok after I left thelast rest stop and had no Idea how much further I had to go. My GPS had been loseing reception in places with Heavy
Canopy Cover (Trees) and I was not real sure just how far  had been. I decided that I better stop and take a rest and eat somthing along the trail cause I was really weak.
I stopped ate a couple granola bars, drank some water, and stretched out for over 10 minutes. Little did I know I was only about a Mile and A half away from the Finish.
At the finish there was a hugeeal prepared, Chicken, potatoes, salad, green beans,
and rolls. After a Hot shower we grilled some Itailian sausages and bratwurst for an evening snack. I didn't even mind that I was going to sleep on the ground with no
air mattress. The next mornin Mark D cooked up some
scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast
before we bolted. A perfect weekend of great riding, food, and friends. If you did not attend this year I would highly recommend putting
it on your calander for next year.