Saturday, March 24, 2007

Peach Blossom Metric Century in Byron Georgia

the Peach Blossom Metric Century in Byron Georgia. I met some of the usual CGC members at Craker Barrell in Warner Robins before we headed over to the start. I was prepared for the hot day ahead. The weather Channel had predicted 87 degrees. There was a large turn out. I set out to best my time in the previous Biking Bleckley Metric Century. Got off to a bad start when my camera quit working right after the word GO. I really was pushing hard for the first half. I was keeping up with some people and was not all alone. I beleive that helped me keep a good pace. We traveled on some pretty major roads, I got blown off the road near Fort Valley on HWY 49. A huge semi-truck doing about 70 mph passed within two feet of me. At the halfway point in downtown Fortvalley I refuled by eating a protien bar and refilling my bottle of perpetuem. I felt strong and decided to pick up the pace after that. I had no cramping or pain. This route was much more hilly than I thought it would be. I would get in a tucked aerodynamic position on the down hills so I could carry as much speed as I could going up the other side. Around mile fifty I could see some fellas on the side of the road ahead. One was laid out on the grass. I rolled up and offered my cell phone. They said they were just cramping. The guy laying on the grass showed me a huge knot in his shaven quadracept (thigh). I took off my camel bak and grabbed some of my tried and true Power Bar Gel 4X sodium Gel Packs for him. He ate it and within a couple minutes said he was feeling better. I was glad to help them out. I would hate for them to have to quit being only about 12 miles out from the finish. I left them there to regroup and pedaled on. I could see them coming down the road behind me as I entered the Finish at the church in Byron. I was very pleased with my time. It feels good knowing I'm riding stronger. During the whole 63 mile ride I ate 10 gel packs and three water bottels of Pepetuem + a protien bar.
 PeachBlossom Metric, 62.8 mi, 4 hrs 43 min, 13.3 mph avg.