Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cross Florida individual Time Trial CFiTT 2015 Bikepacking Florida

ALL 2015 CFiTT Photos Here:

2015 CFiTT Cross Florida individual Time Trial
Friday 1pm Left my Vehicle and Caught the Shuttle from The Finish of the Cross Florida individual Time Trial at the Western Terminus of the Withlacoochee Trail on the Gulf of Mexico. Lucked out and got to ride Shotgun on the Bike /Gear Truck instead of the packed Passenger Van to the Start of the Cross Florida individual Time Trial at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Checked in to the Sea Vista Hotel room 25. The Room was better than anticipated. I brought coffee and filters  for the rooms auto-drip machine. Scooped my Spot tracker from Karlos at the Sea Vista Tiki Bar. Took some Pictures gat all my gear on the bike and set. Ate Shrimp and Grits at the Upper Deck Restaurant across the street from the Start of the Cross Florida individual Time Trial.

2015 CFiTT Cross Florida individual Time Trial Day 1
Slept well got up and made coffee and carried a cup down to the Start at the beach. Got the Rear wheel Dip Checkpoint Photo in the Atlantic Ocean. Made good time over the causeway and through the woods behind the college. One small wrong turn in Cow Creek. Cruized on to the the I-95 over pass and stopped for a short break. Eased down Maytown road and got the check point selfie at the Osteen BikePath Bridge. Rolled on to the Publix/Subway on the Spring to Spring Trail before Gemini Springs. Got some Batteries for my Garmin Dakota 20 at the Publix ate at the subway then Ralley on to the turn north up Shell rd.  Made it to DeLeon and the Store for Restock jus outside Chuck Lennon Trail. Soaked up the fun singletrack then pedaled to Astor and Ate at the Restaurant just off route. I had Two Fried Chicken Breast Mashed Potatoes and Green beans with Coke. Sloshed onward North and Made camp at the Lake George Conservation Area Group Camping Area. The Campground was packed with Hunters so we set up off away from the Pavilion. I had a Hand made felt Sleep bag 2 emergency bags and a plastic Table cloth tarp cover.  Slept good even though Lota Snoring going on!


2015 CFiTT Cross Florida individual Time Trial Day 2
Broke camp with hot coffee. Caught the Fort Gates Ferry crossing the St Johns River on the Cross Florida individual Time Trial at ~8am. Forest Double track to the 88 store and Checkpoint Selfie in the Ocala National Forest. Riding Beautiful Sandy Florida Trail thru the Forest. Very tough Trails with no cell service. Popped out on Pavement hit the Snappy Tomato south of the Ocala National Forest had a Warm Hoagie and coke. Round the corner for the Checkpoint at the Ocklawaha Bridge before entering Marshal Swamp beginning the Cross Florida GreenWay to Santos. Got a Room at the Microtel down the road from Santos LAndbridge. Shower then meet others for dinner at Cracker Barrell. Chicken n dumplings, corn, hasbrown casserole, 3 biscuits n jam, pecan pie a la mode, coke. Crashed early with devices on charge.


2015 CFiTT Cross Florida individual Time Trial Day 3
5am Early Push thru the landbridge trails. Hit the Bob Evens Restaurant on 200 for coffee before entering the preserve and Pruitt Memorial. Grassy Double Track before hitting long stretch of blacktop to the RailTrail in Dunnellon, Florida. Crossing the rainbow river and stopping at the store for restock before hitting the rural neighborhoods with sugar sand. Quick photo shoot at the Withlacoochee Overlook then on to the finish at the Gulf and the Wheel Dip Photo!

All my equipment performed well. No Flats No Mechanicals.
Great Fun Ride Huge Thank you to Singletrack Samurai Productions!

Pre-Race Prep:

Officially registered for the 2015 CFiTT!
Bicycle Race from Atlantic ocean at New Smyrna Beach, Florida to the Gulf of Mexico at Inglis, Florida across central Florida mostly off-road. ~250 miles
December 5th   

Parking My Car at the Finish near the Withlacoochee Trail on the Gulf;  I will take a Shuttle with all my Gear to the Start of the 2015 Cross Florida individual Time Trial CFiTT bicycle race in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
Staring on the Beach in New Smyrna Saturday Dec. 5 at 5am Racing South West to Cow Creek then onto Osteen Via Maytown Road then Spring to spring trail to Gemini spring turning north heading to Blue Spring State Park on up to De leon Springs further north to Astor, Florida up to The Fort Gates Ferry Crossing the St, John's River. Entering the Ocala National Forest Riding West to the 88 Store crossing the ONF Popping out Near the Ocklawaha River then to Santos crossing the Landbridge riding to Dunnellon crossing the Rain Bow River with more Rail Trail then deep sugar sand thru rural neiborhoods to the Withlacooche Trail leading to the Gulf of Mexico Finish.

I will have a GPS tracker unit with me. You can see my Location during the Cross Florida individual Time Trial at

Figuring out what gear to take along the 2015 Cross Florida individual Time Trial CFiTT. I plan on going Minimal and sourcing along the  2015 Cross Florida individual Time Trial CFiTT route any supplies.

2015 Cross Florida individual Time Trial CFiTT Preliminary Gear List:
Spot Locator
Water Bladder
Rain Jacket
Light –Blinkie
Extra Batteries GPS/Phone
Brake Pads
Deraileur Hanger
Chain Tool, pin, link
Multi Tool, Hex, Torq
Spoke Wrench
4 tubes
Patch kit
Co2 Kit Levers
Duct tape, zip ties
Zip lock bag
Bug spray
Butt Butter
Sock Hat
Perpetuem, gels, enduralytes
Sun & clear glasses
List of Gear I use:
2013 Cross Florida individual Time Trial CFiTT Photos & Video Here:



Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fried Green 50 Bicycle Ride 2015

Fried Green 50 (Ride) on Sunday Nov 1. #GRAVELGRINDER
Juliette, Georgia
Piedmont Wildlife Area
 Starting at the boat ramp near the intersection of Juliette Road and McCrackin Street
50 miles of gravel roads in the piedmont wildlife refuge.  Beautiful forest roads with creek crossings. Several SAG stops will be spaced along the 50 mile gravelgrinder. Not a race but a relaxing day on the bike to enjoy the outdoors. 
Mountainbikes recommended cross bikes will work. Be prepared and self sufficient with tubes, pump, tools for any unfortunate situation that may arise. 
Fried Green 50 GravelGrinder 2015 Bicycle Ride